Blind Morality - Do disabilities effect our ability to be moral?

Yorovam and Achia Hashiloni confront each other in this chapter of Melachim. Achia is blind, and we learn about the comparison between Achia and Yitzchak, who was also blind at the end of his days. Does blindness or any other disability effect our ability to keep the mitzvot and make moral choices? Is someone of that nature, and limitation, exempt from a basic moral standard?

We will learn about the influence Achia Hashiloni has on Yorovam and his wife, about Yorovam and his choice of prophets, and how Yorovam continues to influence the nation to immorality in the name of morality.

Morality in the time of Yorovam becomes subjective, and the real tragedy is the fact that many people in the nation of Israel end up following Yorovam.

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