Rav Kook Divine Significance of State of Israel? Orot Yisrael 6:7

Seeing the Divine guidance of history - the view from the roots above,
and from that to understand and guide the branches, our world of multiplicity
and diversity of events. Orot Yisrael Ch. 6 para. 7 -
when is the state, ruling government, the ultimate happiness of man? Objective Divine value, inner essence, is not measured by what our
regular senses perceive, external looks or popularity polls. Vision
that penetrates beyond the external facade. State of Israel - throne of
Hashem - can that be??
Five levels of creation and how crucial the unique element of each level
is to the entire entity - relating to lack of spiritual content by the
nation of Israel which affects not only the spiritual, moral aspect but
also the national prowess and strength, the collective cohesion and the
ability to stand up to national challenges.
The fact that the inner essence is absolute and immutable does not bring
us to lack of action, but the opposite. When aware of the great inner content
we work even more and harder to bring it to expression and know
how to do so properly.
The necessity to recognize the inner essence and work to match the
external with the inner, absolute value - to bring the true content to
full expression.

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