Seeing the True Significance of What is Taking Place - Part 5

The inner reason for modern rejection of religion. Examining letter 871 of Rav Kook. Now well into Beginning of Redemption. Our Sages gave a sign of revealed redemption when land returns to give its fruits. Amazing life connection of land and nation of Israel - one without the other is not alive. Eretz Yisrael is a fertile land yet will not and did not give its fruits to any other nation. Torah and commandments are not external laws rather bring our souls to fulfillment. Living Torah is to be faithful to oneself, to our Neshama, the Divinely created essence that seeks to bring the absolute good to all existence. The Torah does not restrict our lives or diminish our vitality rather enhances them and elevates us to our true' "super" life with even greater significance, meaning and value.   Seeing the hand of G-d in historical processes and how Hashem works through human efforts.

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