The New Era of False Prophecy?

We encounter Yorovam and the aftermath of his actions. Yorovam tries to do Teshuva, but only did partial Teshuva. The prophet that helps him out was invited to the King's palace. The prophet refuses the invitation, and that sends Yorovam on a downwards spiralling road. Yorovam encounters a false prophet, Ido, who violates G-d's commandment, a lion and many other events.  Was it a dilberate violation or a inadvertant one? 

Yorovam's clash with the prophet reveals his true self. The prophet reveals the hypocracy of the residents of Beit El, who are religious outwardly, but corrupt internally. They eat Kosher, but worship idols in Beit El instead of ascending to the Temple Mount. 

The lesson from this portion of Melachim is how to see true dedication to Teshuva, and when Teshuva is hypocritical and incomplete.

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